Vintageparrot is a new online shop for unique vintage clothing for women. It has a selection of hand picked vintage pieces from all over the world, whether it be a dress, shoes or accessories that you’re looking for.

The Vintageparrot lifestyle is all about individuality and charm. It aims to create a unique look, while personalizing your clothing. The collections suit all occasions and always make the customer feel a little bit more special in what they are wearing. In our lookbooks we help the customer to find an inspiration for an exclusive way of dressing. No journey is to far for us to find the best pieces.

The shop was founded by Saskia Jung, 'The Parrot Girl'. She is catching the feathers of vintageparrot in allover the world, whether in NY or in London. Every feather is unique and special, exactly what we want for our customer.

Saskia has been surrounded by vintage fashion since her childhood, as her mum ran a vintage boutique and still does it today. Influenced by the work of her mum and the experience she made as a stylist, she loves to travel the world and is passionate about finding high fashion and top quality vintage pieces. You can also book her as personal stylist.